Do You Need Bail?

So you got arrested and charged.  One way or another you eventually deal with the charge, but in between comes the question of release from custody, commonly referred to as bail.  What if the police refuse to release you?  What if the court agrees and says you will be detained in custody until your charges are concluded.  What if are granted release but only on terms which make your life impossible.  What’s going to happen to your job; your business; your family; your life?

Reality is, getting released and making sure that it is on reasonable conditions is crucial.  For many people it will be the most important part of their involvement in the criminal justice system.

It is true that most courts have free duty counsel to assist with bail, but ask yourself, with so much at stake can you be confident in a free service provided by a lawyer who only spends a few minutes with you before running a bail hearing?

If you see the fundamental importance of getting fair bail, I offer a different approach.  I learn about you, I talk to those close to you; I learn about the case against you; I negotiate with the prosecutor.  I formulate a strategy to help convince the court that you deserve release under the least restrictive terms possible and I represent you vigorously in court.

If you expect to be arrested, now is the time to be prepared.  If you are a friend or family member of a person who has been arrested this is the time to help because no one gets it right by sitting in jail.  

Let’s get started, getting it right now.