Drug Trafficking and Possession

Drug Trafficking

Drug-related offences in B.C. are taken extremely seriously, with those convicted facing the possibility of significant prison time and the forfeiture of property. In order to protect your rights as you face these serious charges, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

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Vancouver area criminal defence lawyer for drug trafficking offences will make an expert and energetic defence on your behalf.


Drug Possession


The Law Offices of Robert L. Dick in New Westminster, provide skilled defence lawyers who focus on maintaining the privacy and reputation of our clients. Our lawyers work diligently to resolve these issues in a way that avoids a criminal record while maintaining close personal contact with our clients throughout the length of their case.

We vigorously defend against charges involving drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth and prescription drugs. Charges can include possession for personal use, trafficking, importing and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

Drug Trafficking


The definition of this charge is extremely broad and may encompass the actual transfer of drugs, the offer to transfer drugs and a transfer of a substance which is not a drug but is purported by the accused to be a drug. The prosecution does not bear the burden of proving that the accused intended to profit from the alleged transaction.

Possession of Drugs for the Purpose of Trafficking


Proof of the intent to traffic typically includes factors such as the quantity of drugs, the type of packaging and observed transactions. A profit motive is not required to be proven; the prosecution must simply prove that the accused intended to transfer the drugs to another person.

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The maximum penalties for these offences can include life in prison in addition to the forfeiture of property such as homes and motor vehicles. Our Vancouver drug trafficking defence law firm is prepared for the complexity of your case and can help you protect your rights.

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