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Theft charges can vary in complexity from simple allegations of shoplifting to sophisticated fraud charges, also known as "white collar crime." If you are facing theft or fraud-related charges, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of a skilled criminal defence lawyer.


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At The Law Offices of Robert L. Dick, we focus our entire practice on criminal defence and work with our clients to find solutions that protect their rights and safeguard their personal reputations. We have the experience and resources to handle even the most complex theft cases and can explain all defences that are available to you.

Whether the charges against you stem from an alleged theft from your employer, embezzlement or shoplifting, we will vigorously defend you and seek to minimize your exposure to harsh consequences such as jail time and fines. Whenever possible, we will seek creative solutions that do not result in a criminal record.

Protect Your Record


Depending on the complexity of the alleged offence, evidence may be presented from a number of sources, including store security, banking records and surveillance videos. We have extensive trial experience and understand how to best challenge evidentiary issues for the benefit of our clients.

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