Murder / Manslaughter Charges

When things get out of hand between people, they may get physical and unfortunately sometimes this leads to the death of someone.  Where the death was intended, this is murder.  Where the death was not intended, it is manslaughter. These are among the most serious charges a person can face.  Punishments are severe and the police are highly motivated to gather evidence in support of charges.  If … [Read more...]

Drug Possession Arrest

If you are convicted of possession of illegal drugs, you face a variety of serious consequences.  While it is true that jail is rarely imposed as a sentence, a Criminal Record for illegal drugs will interfere with international travel and it will show up on Criminal Record Checks which may be required for employment, professional accreditation or volunteer work. My first priority is to seek to … [Read more...]

Child Pornography Offences

If ever there was a category of offences where people wished they could turn back the clock and do things differently; it is child pornography offences.  I understand.  Fact is most people charged with these offences have led otherwise good lives.  How can they get past this? The first thing is to ensure that the matter is dealt with as discreetly as possible.  I make all possible court … [Read more...]

Do You Need Bail?

So you got arrested and charged.  One way or another you eventually deal with the charge, but in between comes the question of release from custody, commonly referred to as bail.  What if the police refuse to release you?  What if the court agrees and says you will be detained in custody until your charges are concluded.  What if are granted release but only on terms which make your life … [Read more...]

Spousal Abuse

Misunderstandings can happen in any relationship.  Sometimes those misunderstandings get out of hand, and allegations of threat or assault are made.  Whether those allegations are correct or not, devastating consequences arise just from the fact of the charges, to say nothing of what happens if the charges lead to conviction.  Fighting these charges requires planning, strategy and decisive … [Read more...]

Arrested for Theft?

So they say you took something from a store without paying.  You got arrested and now you face a theft charge. A criminal record for theft will have far reaching impacts on your life; work, travel, personal reputation all stand to be deeply affected. My first priority is to get the charge dropped before trial or dismissed at trial.  I review the evidence, listen to what you have to say, and … [Read more...]

Sexual Offences Charges

When dealing with charges involving sexual offences, my first goal is always to try to get the charges dismissed.  Sometimes this involves getting the prosecutor to drop the case; other times it means fighting for dismissal of charges at trial.  Either way success means no jail and no criminal record. Where this is not possible, I seek a resolution which does not involve convictions for sexual   … [Read more...]

Serious Motor Vehicle Accident

Accidents happen.  If you find yourself involved in a major collision where someone is killed or injured, you may face a variety of serious criminal charges with lengthy jail sentences.  These are charges such as criminal negligence, impaired driving, dangerous driving, or hit and run, each with the added allegation of causing death or bodily harm, and if you were found guilty your insurer may … [Read more...]

Workplace Theft

Perhaps you had a job and they say you took things, or perhaps you controlled money or property for others and they say you wrongly took some of it for yourself.  These situations are known as Breach of Trust Thefts and the courts treat them seriously. As in all cases my first priority is to get the case dropped.  Did it really happen or is it a misunderstanding?  What do you say about the … [Read more...]

Criminal Defence Lawyer | Robert L. Dick

As a Criminal Defence Lawyer, I have over 20 year’s experience defending the rights and freedoms of clients throughout Western Canada and as a former prosecutor I know how the system works from both sides. My focus is 100% criminal law; my job is to protect you both inside and outside of court, right from the very first call all the way through to the end.    I have the experience, I have the … [Read more...]