Workplace Theft

Perhaps you had a job and they say you took things, or perhaps you controlled money or property for others and they say you wrongly took some of it for yourself.  These situations are known as Breach of Trust Thefts and the courts treat them seriously.

As in all cases my first priority is to get the case dropped.  Did it really happen or is it a misunderstanding?  What do you say about the situation?  Does the evidence disclose room for reasonable doubt?  Whether by fighting at trial or through focused negotiations, I will employ all available approaches to get charges dismissed.  Where this is not possible I will form a strategy to control the damage and to ensure the least restrictive sanctions possible.

Judges have often said, that barring exceptional circumstances, Breach of Trust Theft calls for a jail sentence but I say that each case can demonstrate exceptional circumstances and I will develop and advance those circumstances for you.

There is a lot at stake and I can make a real difference in your results.  Let’s get started now