Murder / Manslaughter Charges

When things get out of hand between people, they may get physical and unfortunately sometimes this leads to the death of someone.  Where the death was intended, this is murder.  Where the death was not intended, it is manslaughter.

These are among the most serious charges a person can face.  Punishments are severe and the police are highly motivated to gather evidence in support of charges.  If you are facing homicide charges or believe you are a suspect, it is crucial that you obtain quality legal representation right away.  It is also crucial that you speak with absolutely no one else about it until you have received thorough legal advice.  This is not the time to rely upon free legal aid duty counsel or other cursory consultations.

My first step is to help protect my client against any form of self-incrimination.  My next step is to strategically develop alternative perspectives which may disclose reasonable doubt and to fight vigorously to defeat the allegations.

Serious charges require serious representation.  You know what is at stake.  Let’s get started