Arrested for Theft?

So they say you took something from a store without paying.  You got arrested and now you face a theft charge.

A criminal record for theft will have far reaching impacts on your life; work, travel, personal reputation all stand to be deeply affected.

My first priority is to get the charge dropped before trial or dismissed at trial.  I review the evidence, listen to what you have to say, and develop strategies to generate results which avoid any finding of guilt and any criminal record.  Where this is not possible I implement a plan personally tailored for you to generate the maximum prospects of resolving the case without a permanent criminal record.  Either way you’re placed in the strongest possible position; no criminal conviction and no permanent criminal record for theft because my goal is to remove road blocks to your future success.

One mistake from your past should not define your future.  It’s time to get this right.   Let’s get started now.