Criminal Defence Lawyer | Robert L. Dick

As a Criminal Defence Lawyer, I have over 20 year’s experience defending the rights and freedoms of clients throughout Western Canada and as a former prosecutor I know how the system works from both sides.

My focus is 100% criminal law; my job is to protect you both inside and outside of court, right from the very first call all the way through to the end.    I have the experience, I have the skills and I have the strategies to identify all possible defences and I have the focus to pursue all angles in support of your cause.  Whether fighting to win at trial or negotiating favourable outcomes, I offer the representation that you need and deserve. 

Now is the time to invest in peace of mind; to invest in your future because this is about you.  I have the track record of favourable outcomes in court.  You only get one shot at getting this right.  Call now and let’s get started.